Not Just Wedding Favors
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20066NA "Heaven Scent" Baby Powder Fresh Frosted Glass Votive
2006W Wedding Wishes Envelope Guest Book
20093BK "Damask Traditions" Frosted Glass Tea Light Holder with Kate Aspen Signature Charm (Set of 4)
20097SV "Fleur-de-lis" Frosted-Glass Tea Light Holder (set of 4)
20117YL Rubber Ducky Candle (Set of 4)
20120GD "Golden Renaissance" Glass Tealight Holder (Set of 4)
20121NA "Music of the Heart" Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder (Set of 4)
20124AS "Born to be Wild" Animal Candles (Set of 4, Assorted)
20125BL "Seashell" Gel Tealight Holder
20126PK "Elegant Orchid" Tealight Holder
20131NA "Chalkboard" Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder (Set of 4)
20140AS "Beach Buddies" Seashore Candles (Set of 4)
2019 Designer Cake Server Set
2021BL Black Fleece Blanket
2021GY Grey Fleece Blanket
2021HG Hunter Green Fleece Blanket
2021KH Khaki Fleece Blanket
2021PP Purple Fleece Blanket
2021R Red Fleece Blanket
2021RO Royal Fleece Blanket
2027 Embroidered Bachelorette Party Set
2029C Camel Personalized Cashmere Scarf
2029G Grey Personalized Cashmere Scarf
2073 Damask Fabric Tote Bag
2075R Natural/Red Carry All Tote Bag
2077 Embossed Cake Server Set
2078P Pink Trim 3pc Terry Set
2080BL Bride's Planning Tote
2081BL The Weekender Tote Bag
2083 Satin Finish Champagne Flutes
2084 Satin Finish Cake Server Set
2086 Beaded Cake Server Set
21021WT "Hugs & Kisses From Mr. and Mrs.!" Scented Soaps
21023NA "Fall in Love" Scented Leaf-Shaped Soaps
21024NA "The Perfect Pair" Scented Pear Soap
21029YL Rubber Ducky Soap
2102FC Stunning Murano heart design wine bottle stoppers
21030NA "Sweet Heart" Heart-Shaped Scented Soap with Kate Aspen Signature Charm
21031NA "Bubbly" Champagne Bubbles (Set of 24)
21034IV "Cherry Blossom" Scented Soap
21035WT "Cute as a Button" Scented Button Soap
21038BL "The Nest Egg" Scented Egg Soap in Nest (Pink or Blue)
21038PK "The Nest Egg" Scented Egg Soap in Nest (Pink or Blue)
2108A Initial Canvas Signature Guest Book
2108B Blended Family Canvas Signature Guest Book
2108D Damask Monogram Canvas Signature Guest Book
2108E Family Tree Canvas Signature Guest Book
2108R Lovebirds Canvas Signature Guest Book
2108V Forever Love Canvas Signature Guest Book
2109H Ocean Waves of Love Gallery Wrapped Canvas
2111C Cream Linen Hemstitch Napkins (Set of 6)
2111N Natural Linen Hemstitch Napkins (Set of 6)
2111W White Linen Hemstitch Napkins (Set of 6)
2112C Cream Linen Hemstitch Placemats (Set of 6)
2112N Natural Linen Hemstitch Placemats (Set of 6)
2112W White Linen Hemstitch Placemats (Set of 6)
2113C Cream Linen Hemstitch Table Runner
2113N Natural Linen Hemstitch Table Runner
2113W White Linen Hemstitch Table Runner
2115 Custom Glass Football Tumbler
2115FC Exquisite Madonna and child crystal plaque
2116 Custom Beer Flight Sampler
2116FC Murano Glass Collection Madonna and Child plaque
2120FC Murano Glass Collection letter opener favors (multi-color)
2124FC Murano Glass Collection hanging cross favors (white)
2125FC Murano Glass Collection hanging cross favors (blue)
2126FC Murano Glass Collection hanging cross favors (pink)
2128B Personalized Canvas Travel Bag
2129FC Murano Glass Collection Pacifier Favors - Pink
2130 Groomsman Emergency Kit
2131 Insulated Summertime Picnic Tote
2132G Green Hampton Tote
2132K Black Hampton Tote
2132N Natural Hampton Tote
2132R Red Hampton Tote
2133B Blue Nantucket Tote
2133G Green Nantucket Tote
2133K Black Nantucket Tote
2133N Natural Nantucket Tote
2133R Red Nantucket Tote
2133W Brown Nantucket Tote
2134FC Murano Collection pink frosted finish picture frame
2134G Green Newport Tote
2134N Natural Newport Tote
2134R Red Newport Tote
2134W Brown Newport Tote
2135K Black Rockport Tote
2135N Natural Rockport Tote
2135P Pink Rockport Tote
2137FC Murano Glass Collection butterfly keychain
2138FC Murano Collection cross key chain favors
2142FC Murano Collection Fleur de lis wine bottle stopper
2145FC Murano Glass Collection Grape Design Wine Pourer/Stopper
2146FC Murano Glass Collection Swirl Design Wine Pourer/Stopper
2147FC Murano Glass Collection ice cream scoop favor
2176N Striped Canvas Tote Bag
2200FC Choice Crystal by Fashioncraft - Pacifier
22011GN Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder (Set of Four) - As Seen in InStyle Magazine
22014NA Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Coaster Favors (Four Coasters per Favor!)
22015NA "Tastefully Yours" Heart-Shaped Bamboo Cheese Board
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