Not Just Wedding Favors
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1796DC Elegantly styled Black and white epoxy photo frame favor
1797 Royal Champagne Flutes
1797DC Classically styled silver photo frame favor
1798 Royal Cake Server Set
1798DC Autumn Themed Toasting glasses set
1799DC Autumn Themed Guest Book
18000 FALL THEME SETDC Splendid Autumn wedding accessory set
18006NA "It's About Time! Let's Celebrate" Champagne Bucket Timer
18007PK 'Pink Polka Purse' Manicure Set
18009BK "Little Black Purse" Patent-Leather Five-Piece Manicure Set
1800DC Autumn Themed Cake and Knife set
18010WT "About to Hatch" Kitchen Egg Timer in Showcase Gift Box
18011NA "It's About Time - Baby is Brewing" Teapot Timer
18013NA "Pink Polka Flip Flop" Five Piece Pedicure Set with Matching Tag
18015NA "Baby On Board" Expandable Pen in Car Seat Packaging
1801DC Autumn Themed Pen set
18030BK "Reflections" Elegant Black-and-White Mirror Compact
18034PK "Martinis & Manicures" Four-Piece Stainless-Steel Manicure Kit
1803DC Splendid Autumn themed Key ring Favor
1803P Personalized Flower Girl Tote Bag
1804DC Splendid Autumn themed bookmark Favor
1806DC Splendid Autumn themed wine stopper favor
1807DC Splendid Autumn themed Place card holder
1808DC Sophisticated Ivory Fleur de lis Toasting glasses
1809DC Sophisticated Ivory Fleur de lis Guest book
1810DC Sophisticated Ivory Fleur de lis cake and knife set
1811DC Sophisticated Ivory Fleur de lis pen set
1814DC Heaven Sent collection Flutes
1815DC Heaven Sent collection guest book
1816DC Heaven Sent collection cake and knife set
1817DC Heaven Sent collection pen set
1818DC Two become one collection flutes set
18190DC Two Become one collection set
1819DC Two become one collection Guest book
1820DC Two become one collection Cake and Knife set
1821DC Two become one collection pen set
18220DC Elegant Rose collection set
18222DC Stylish Damask collection set
18229DC Sophisticated Ivory Fleur de lis set
1822DC Elegant Rose collection flutes set
1823DC Elegant Rose collection Guest book
1824DC Elegant Rose collection Cake and Knife set
1825DC Elegant Rose collection pen set
1826DC Victorian style ivory epoxy photo frame
1827DC Stylish ivory epoxy place card frame
1828DC Modern ivory epoxy photo frame
1829DC Classic style Victorian ivory epoxy photo frame
1830DC Chic ivory epoxy photo frame favor
1831DC Stylish enchanted castle photo frame
1832DC Best wishes Signature photo frame
1833DC Stylish Damask collection flutes set
1834DC Stylish Damask collection Guest Book
1835DC Stylish Damask collection Cake and Knife set
1836DC Stylish Damask collection pen set
1840DC Stylish Damask bottle stopper
18410DC Heaven Sent collection set
1841DC Stylish Damask candle holder
1842DC Stylish Damask white heart place place card holder
1843DC Stylish Damask black heart place place card holder
1879DC Royalty For A Day Place Card Holder
1880DC Pink Royalty For A Day Place Card Holder
1881 Engraved Beveled Glass Jewelry Box
1881DC Pink Butterfly Place Card Holder
1882 Engraved Silver Heart Keepsake Box
1882DC Princess Place Card Holder
1883DC Oceans of love place card photo frame
1900FC Vineyard Collection heart themed wine stoppers
19014BK "Mint to Be" Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints
19014WT "Mint to Be" Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints
1902FC Heart Wine Bottle Stoppers
1904FC Vineyard Collection™ crystal ball design wine stoppers
1905FC Vineyard Collection™ Shell Design Wine Stopper Favors
1907FC Vineyard Collection™ star design wine stoppers
1910FC Elegant starfish design bottle stopper favors
1911FC Butterfly Wine Bottle Stoppers
1912FC Autumn Themed Wine Bottle Stopper
1913FC Elegant snowflake design wine botter stopper favors
1918FC Bride and Groom Wine Stopper Set
1921FC Fleur De Lis Design Wine Bottle Stopper Favors
1922FC Shamrock / Trinity Love Knot Bottle Stoppers
1930FC LOVE themed bottle stoppers
1931FC Marvelous Martini Design wine bottle stoppers
1932FC Elegant heart and cross design wine bottle stopper favors
1933FC Glass globe design wine bottle stopper favors
1934FC Music themed bottle stopper
1936FC Contemporary swirl design wine bottle stopper favors
1937FC From Paris with Love Collection Eiffel Tower wine bottle stopper favors
1938FC Vineyard Collection wine bottle stopper favors
1939FC Angel design wine bottle stoppers
1941FC Diamond ring wine bottle stoppers
1943 Reception Gift Card Holder
1943FC Glistening heart design bottle stopper
1944FC Photo/place card holder wine bottle stopper
1945FC Bling Collection wine bottle stopper
1946FC Golden-50 wine bottle stoppers
1947FC Mr. and Mrs. heart design wine bottle stoppers
1948FC Owl Design Bottle Stoppers
1958G Gold Unity Candle Stand
1958S Silver Unity Candle Stand
1999 Elegant Signature Picture Frame with Engraved Photo Mat
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