Not Just Wedding Favors
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Ruby Blanc
Kate Aspen
Lillian Rose
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T4515 Classic Cross bookmark
T4545 Contemporary Cross bookmark
TEST Vineyard Collection heart themed wine stoppers (COPY)
TL504 Ceramic trivet in PVC box Love design
TL510 8x8 Ceramic Trivet "Fleur de lis"
TL511 8x8 Ceramic Trivet "Merlot"
TL515 8x8 Ceramic Trivet "Vintage Wine"
TL520 8x8 Ceramic Trivet "Fall in Love"
TR310 B Just Married Beach Bag-Black
TR310 W Just Married Beach Bag-White
TR620 BM Bridesmaid Tote - Aqua
TR620 BR Bride Tote - Aqua
TR621 BM Bridesmaid Travel Bag- Aqua
TR621 BR Bride Travel Bag - Aqua
TR630 BR Bride Foldable Tote
TR650 MM Set/3 Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags
TR652 MM Mr & Mrs Passport Covers
TR653 TR Traveling.. Cover&Lugtags
TR654 FG Flower Girl Tote
TR654 RB Ring Bearer Duffel Bag
TR655 TR Traveling Accessory Bag
TR656 TR Traveling... Beach Bag
TR657 FL Let The Fun - Beach Bag
TR670 BM Bridesmaid Tote
TR670 BR Bride White Tote
TR670 MH Maid Of Honor Tote
TR671 BM Bridesmaid Med. Travel Bag
TR671 BR Bride Travel Bag -Medium
TR671 MH Maid of Honor Med. Travel Bag
TR675 FG Flower Girl Backpack
TR675 RB Ring Bearer Backpack
US101 Unity Vase Set
US105 Unity Sand Frame
US110 A 24oz Unity Sand - Aqua
US110 BK 24oz Unity Sand - Black
US110 BR 24oz Unity Sand - Brown
US110 GR 24oz Unity Sand - Grey
US110 HP 24oz Unity Sand - Hotpink
US110 I 24oz Unity Sand - Ivory
US110 N 24oz Unity Sand - Natural
US110 PL 24oz Unity Sand - Plum
US110 SG 24oz Unity Sand-Sage Green
US110 W 24oz Unity Sand - White
US116 Heart Unity Vase w/Stand
US117 St/3 Unity Vases w/Tag
US118 Small Side Vase For US117
US440 Shell Vase Set For Sand
V20 Oval calli capo trinket box
V25 Round calli capo trinket box
V30 Heart shape calli capo trinket box
W001DC Murano Pink Glass Cross Place Card Holder
W002DC Murano Blue Glass Cross Place Card Holder
W003DC Murano Blue Glass Starfish Place Card Holder
W004DC Murano Blue Glass Heart Place Card Holder
W005DC Murano Pink Glass Heart Place Card Holder
W006DC Murano Gold Glass Heart Place Card Holder
W007DC Murano Glass Fleur De Lis Place Card Holder
W5252 Murano design black white gold heart shape compact mirror
W5300 Pink Crystal hand bag holder
W5304 Murano design Round shape hand bag holder
W5306 Murano design handbag shaped hand bag holder
W5356 Murano heart shape compact speckle
W5436 Murano square compact mirror burgundy design
W5438 Murano square compact mirror light multi design
W5449 Murano butterfly keychain multi color
W5500 Murano design multi stripe heart shape compact mirror
W5502 Murano design light design heart shape compact mirror
W5506 Murano design damask design round compact mirror
W5605 Murano style glass Starfish Bottle Stopper w/2 Murano style glass charms
W5666 Murano design ice cream scoop black white gold
W5667 Murano design ice cream scoop pastel
W5669 Murano design ice cream scoop Damask
W6212 Murano style glass bottle stopper starfish
W6214 Murano style glass bottle stopper deco heart shape
W6220 Murano style glass bottle stopper pink heart
W6222 Murano style glass bottle stopper grape
W6226 Murano style glass bottle stopper pink daisy
W6228 Murano style glass bottle stopper white heart
W6246 Murano bottle stopper with calli
W6248 Murano bottle stopper light color
W6262 Murano bottle stopper curls
W6375 Murano cross keychain with stones
W6504 Murano design Heart shape blue multi stopper
W6506 Murano design multi stripe stopper
W6508 Murano design damask design stopper
W6510 Murano design blue stripe stopper
W6516 Murano design light blue swirl stopper
W6520 Murano design artisan stopper
W6800 Murano design butterfly place card holder
W6802 Murano design heart place card holder
W6850 Murano design heart shape clear stone bag holder
W6852 Murano design round shape clear stone bag holder
W7352 Murano style glass bottle opener
W7360 Murano design multi stripe bottle opener
W7362 Murano design multi stripe letter opener
W7365 Murano design damask design letter opener
W7367 Murano design damask design bottle opener
W7900 Multi color Murano butterfly bottle stopper
W8272 4pc Wine Murano style glass Charm set Butterflies
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