Not Just Wedding Favors
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Not Just Wedding Favors - Product Index
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7005DC Lollipop towel favor blue Seashells design
7006DC Sweet treats collection Sundae towel favor Seashell design
7007DC Cute and cuddly blue Teddy bear towel favor
7008DC Cute and cuddly pink Teddy bear towel favor
7009DC Ice cream towel favor blue Seashell design
7251I Tied with a Bow Guest Book & Ring Pillow Set - Save 10%
7256I Tied with a Bow Guest Book & Pen
7259I Tied with a Bow Ring Pillow
7289I Ivory Starlight Ring Pillow
7289W White Starlight Ring Pillow
7293 Trumpet Wedding Toasting Flutes
7295 Modern Flare Toasting Flutes
7296 Wedding Champagne Flutes in a Vase
7297P Personalized Glass Pedestal Unity Candle Stand
750DC Scentsational favors collection Bride sachet
751DC Scentsational favors collection Groom sachet
753DC Scentsational favors collection Butterfly sachet
754DC Scentsational favors collection Heart sachet
7559I Ivory Sparkling Entwined Ring Pillow
7559W White Sparkling Entwined Ring Pillow
755DC Scentsational favors collection Starfish sachet
756DC Scentsational favors collection Pink Bear sachet
757DC Scentsational favors collection Blue bear sachet
758DC Scentsational favors collection Umbrella sachet
7600W White Beach Collections - Save 10%
7602I Beach Wedding Garter in Ivory
7602W Beach Wedding Garter in White
7603I Ivory Beach Champagne Flutes
7603W White Beach Champagne Flutes
7609W White Beach Ring Pillow
7614I Ivory Beach Flower Girl Basket
7614W White Beach Flower Girl Basket
7632B Blue Pearl Adjustable Wedding Garter
7767FC Regal Favor Collection angel themed frames
7768FC Regal Favor Collection cross themed frames
7770FC Victorian design frame favor
7771FC Distinctive Victorian design frame favors
7773FC Bling /place card framesCollection picture
7774FC Bling Collection picture frames
7775FC Angle Designed Candle Holder
7777FC Victorian design frame/place-card holders - Pink
7780FC Flourish design place card/photo frames
7781FC Bling Collection Place Card Frames
7783FC Cinderella slipper design picture/place card frame
7784FC Life's a Beach frame/place card holder
7805FC Stylish Sailboat Design Favors
780DC Stylish Beach Theme glass photo frame
781DC Classic design Damask glass photo frame
7827FC Fall Themed Coaster Favors
7828FC Beach Themed Glass Coaster Favors
7829FC Lustrous snowflake glass coaster set
782DC Unique Fall love coaster set
7830FC Vintage Photo Coasters
7832FC Eiffel Tower Design Candle Favors
7833FC Vintage Paris Themed Coaster Sets
790DC Adorable pink teddy bear glass photo frame
7911I Vintage Lace Ring Pillow
7912I Vintage Lace Guest Book & Pen Set
7913I Vintage Lace Wedding Collection
791DC Adorable blue teddy bear glass photo frame
794DC Celebration of love glass photo frame
795DC Lovebirds design glass photo frame
795PCDC Lovebirds design glass place card frame
796DC Blessed event pink cross glass photo frame
797DC Blessed event blue cross glass photo frame
798DC Precious baby blue glass photo frame
799DC Precious baby pink glass photo frame
8000I Ivory Elegant Chiffon Collection - Save 10%
8000W White Elegant Chiffon Collection - Save 10%
8001I Ivory Elegant Chiffon Flower Girl Basket
8001W White Elegant Chiffon Flower Girl Basket
8007 Personalized Pen & Optical Crystal Base
8009I Ivory Elegant Chiffon Ring Pillow
8009W White Elegant Chiffon Ring Pillow
805DC A Stylish Damask and Fleur de lis photo coaster
806DC Zebra print photo coaster
807DC Zebra heart print photo coaster
808DC Classic Fleur de lis photo coaster
809DC Classic heart design Fleur de lis photo coaster
8101DC Flip Flop Shaped Note Pad Lavender Color
8103DC Flip Flop Shaped Note Pad Pink Color
8104FC LOVE Design Candle Holder Favors
8105FC LOVE Design Place Card Holders
810DC Pink and White dot heart design photo coaster
811DC Pink and white dot photo coaster
8124FC Leaf Design Place Card Holders
812DC Black and white hearts pattern photo coaster
8134FC Ice Cream Lovers' Collection Ice Cream Scoop
813DC Blue and White dot pattern photo coaster
8145FC Clear Diamond Collection diamond design key chain
8149FC Stylish bride and groom design champagne flute candle holder favors
8150FC Double heart design champagne flute candle holders
8153FC Cute baby themed photo frame favors - boy
8154FC Cute baby themed photo frame favors - girl
8172FC Pink cupcake design candle favors
8185FC Black and white damask design place card holders
8186FC Damask design picture frames/place card holders
8187FC Hollywood movie themed place card/photo frame
8189FC Royal coach design place card holder favors
8192FC Blue baby carriage design key chains
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