Not Just Wedding Favors
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5248FC Adorable owl baskets - Pink
5249FC Eiffel Tower design Gold key chain favor
5302FC Silver Heart Shaped Place Card Holders
5327FC Adirondack chair place card holders
5340FC beach themed placecard holders
5345FC Snowflake Place Card Holders
5346FC Clapboard Style Placecard Holder
5351FC Silver Plated Wedding Cake Place Card Holders
5354FC bride and groom place card holders
5356FC Silver Finish Elephant Place Card Holders
5357FC Musical note place card holders
5358FC Snowflake design place card holders
5363FC Las Vegas Themed Place Card Holders
5364FC Angel Design Place Card Holder Favors
5366FC Ocean Breezes Collection Palm Tree Place Card Holders
5368FC Unique Heart Design Topiary Place Card Holder
5370FC Decorative Cross Design Place Card Holder Favors
5372FC From Paris with Love Collection Eiffel Tower place card holder favors
5373FC Elegant cross design place card/photo holders
5374FC Heart themed place card holders
5386FC Little Buttons Collection Place Card/Photo Holder
5387FC Good Luck Elephant Place Card Holders
5388FC Charming monkey design place card holder favors
5389FC Heart design place card holders
5391FC Shimmering starfish design place card holder favors
5396FC Perfectly Parisian memo/place card clips
5406FC Silver Cross Themed Candle Favors
5413DC Enchanted moments wedding coach photo frame
5415DC Enchanting wedding coach photo frame
5417FC LOVE design candle favors
5421DC 2x3 White Place Card Frame Wedding Coach
5422DC 2x3 Pewter Finish Place Card Frame Wedding Coach
5423DC Knight in shinning armor castle photo frame
5424DC Happily ever after Bride and Groom photo frame
5440FC Damask design candle favors
5444FC Regal Favor Collection cross themed candle holders
5445FC Regal Favor Collection angel themed candle holders
5452FC Unique baby-themed candle favors
5453FC Blackboard design candle favors white chalk included
5454FC Rose Design Candle Favor
5455FC Calla Lily Candle Favor
5456FC Stunning beach-themed candle favor
5457FC Bling Collection candle holder favors
5464FC Bling Collection White Candle Holders
5465FC Bling Collection Black Candle Holders
5469FC Spectacular anchor design candle favors
5470FC Romantic Love Locks Candle Favors
5471DC 3x3 Silver Resin Place Card Frame w/ Hearts
5471FC Musical note design candles
5472FC Fun and useful beach themed candle favors
5485DC Silver Place Card Frame w/ Heart Cut Outs and Crystals
5550DC 2X3 Place Card Frame Beach Theme in Blue and White Colors
5551DC 2X3 Place Card Frame Beach Theme in Sand Colors
5554DC 2x3 Photo Frame Sweet 16 Shape Pearl White Color w/ Stones
5557DC Heart Shaped Wedding Coach Place Card Frame Pearl White
5562DC 2x3 Pearl White Photo Frame Cross w/ Heart Cut Outs & Blue Stones
5563DC 2x3 Pearl White Photo Frame w/ Cross w/ Heart Cut Outs & Pink Stones
5702FC Beaded design gold metal place card/photo frames
5703FC Matte silver metal place card/photo frames
5704FC Two-tone silver metal place card/photo frames
5706FC Matte Silver Metal Place Card/Photo Frames
5863FC Glass candle holder w/wax; bulk packed
5863S_GreekFC Frosted Glass Candle Holder With Wax
5863SFC Frosted glass candle holder with wax
5910FC Heart Shaped Compact Mirror Favors
5911FC Fashionable Purse Design Compact Mirror Favors
5912FC Styling Black Heart Design Compact Mirror Favors
5918FC Elegant Reflections Collection butterfly design mirror compact favors
5919FC Elegant Reflections Collection purse design mirror compacts
5920FC Elegant Reflections Collection heart design mirror compact favors
5921FC Elegant Reflections Collection butterfly mirror compact favors
5925FC Elegant Reflections Collection Fleur di Lis mirror compacts
5926FC Pocketbook-Design Elegant Reflections Collection mirror compact favors
5928FC Vineyard Collection wine tool favors
5929FC Pretty damask design manicure sets
5933FC Classy Compacts Collection flourish design compact favors
5934FC Classy Compacts Collection compact favors
5938FC Classy Compacts Collection heart design metal compact favors
5940FC Classy Compacts Collection heart design metal compact favors
5941FC Zebra Print Classy Compact Mirror
5945FC Realistic Rose Design Mirror Compacts
5949FC Pretty Paris-themed mirror compact favor
5950FC Chic polka dot compact mirrors
5952FC Vintage design pocket mirror
5953FC Handy heart shaped, heart design mirror compacts
5954FC Zebra Print Mirror Compacts
5955FC Owl Design Manicure Set
5956FC Flip Flop design Manicure Sets
5957FC Shoe design mirror compacts
6050DC Sweet treats pink lollipop soap favor.
6051DC Sweet treats blue lollipop soap favor.
6060DC "Sweet Treats Collection" Cupcake towel favor.
6061DC "Sweet Treats Collection" Cupcake towel favor.
6062DC "Sweet Treats Collection" Cute Cupcake towel favor.
6064DC "Sweet Treats Collection" chocolate cheesecake towel favor
6065DC "Sweet Treats Collection" strawberry cheesecake towel favor
6067DC Sweet Treats Collection fancy Chocolate Cupcake towel favor
6069DC Sweet Treats Collection fancy Blueberry Cupcake towel favor
6070DC Sweet Treats Collection Chocolate Cupcake towel favor
6071DC Sweet Treats Collection Blueberry Cupcake Towel Favor
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