Not Just Wedding Favors
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01-02822-S 12pc Espresso set in Hat box Calli design
02-02822-S 4pc Espresso set in Heart box Calli design
1003I Ivory Sweet Bow Flower Girl Basket
1003W White Sweet Bow Flower Girl Basket
1004I Ivory Starlight Flower Girl Basket
1004W White Starlight Flower Girl Basket
1005W White Flower Girl Basket Tote
1012B "Here Comes the Bride" Custom Wedding Banner
1012BARF Bar Mitzvah Football Themed Custom Banner
1012C Celebrations Custom Banner
1012DC ABC blocks frosted votive candle holder.
1012E Elegance Custom Wedding Banner
1012F Flourish Custom Wedding Banner
1012H Embracing Hearts Custom Wedding Banner
1012SWEP Sweet 16 Classic Custom Banner
1013BATZ Bat Mitzvah Zebra Print Table Runner
1013C Custom Table Runner
1013DC ABC blocks frosted votive candle holder.
1013E Elegance Table Runner
1013F Flourish Table Runner
1013H Embracing Hearts Table Runner
1013T Timeless Table Runner
1014A Beach Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop
1014DC "Blessed Events" Cross design candle holder
1015C Celebrations Custom Aisle Runner
1015E Elegance Aisle Runner
1015F Flourish Aisle Runner
1015G Classic Aisle Runner
1015H Embracing Hearts Aisle Runner
1015R Regal Aisle Runner
1015S Vintage Scroll Aisle Runner
1015T Timeless Aisle Runner
1016DC "Blessed Events" Cross design candle holder
1017DC "Blessed Events" Cross design candle holder
1021DC "Graceful Cherub" gift box candle
1028DC Butterfly design glass votive candle holder
1029DC "Winter Wonderland" Frosted glass votive candle.
1034 "Just Married" Car Flag & Window Cling Set
10489 Black Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit
10489C Candlelight Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit
10494B-L Large (9/10) Black Ballet Shoes
10494B-M Medium (7/8) Black Ballet Shoes
10494B-S Small (5/6) Black Ballet Shoes
10494B-XL X-Large (11/12) Black Ballet Shoes
10494W-M Medium (7/8) White Ballet Shoes
10494W-S Small (5/6) White Ballet Shoes
10494W-XL X-Large (11/12) White Ballet Shoes
10574 Mini sleeping fairys Asst 4
1070DC Blessed Events pink Cross candle holder
1072DC Blessed Events amber Cross candle holder
1073DC Heaven sent collection silver Cherub candle holder
1074DC Heaven sent collection gold Cherub candle holder
10757 Large fairy tall vase centerpiece
10759 Small fairy duet w/bud vase
1075DC Blue glass candle holder with Seashell candle
10761 Mini fairy w/votive asst 2
1076DC Ceramic Starfish candle holder
1077DC Floral Spring theme votive candle holder
10872 Small fairy place card holder asst 4
1090 Black Border Designer Tie Clip
1098 Double Old Fashioned Glasses(Set of 4)
10987 Small fairys mushroom asst 4
1099 Personalized Pint Glasses (Set of 4)
11001NA Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper in Showcase Display Box
11003NA "Key To My Heart" Victorian Style Bottle Opener
11005NA "Cheers to a Great Combination" Wine Set
11017NA "LOVE" Place Card Holder/Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards (Set of 4)
11020NA "With This Ring" Engagement Ring Keychain
11021NA "It's a Shoe Thing!" Shoe Bottle Opener
1102FC double heart place card holders
1102S Silver Oval Cuff Links
11033NA "Hats Off!" Chrome Top Hat Wine Pourer/Bottle Stopper
11035NA The "Love Dove" Chrome Bottle Opener in Elegant, Oval Showcase Giftbox
11037NA "Turning Leaves" Bookmark with Burgundy Silk Tassel
11038NA "Lustrous Leaf" Copper-Finish Bottle Stopper in Laser-Cut Leaf Gift Box
1103S Silver Square Cuff Links
11043NA Purse Valet Stainless-Steel Handbag Holder
11044NA "Shining Sails" Silver Place Card Holders (Set of Four)
11046NA "LOVE" Chrome Bottle Stopper
11055NA "Double Happiness" Elegant Chrome Bottle Stopper in Asian-Themed Gift Box
11057NA "With This Ring" Chrome Diamond-Ring Bottle Stopper
11058NA "Fleur-de-Lis" Elegant Chrome Bottle Stopper
11062NA "Lovebirds" Chrome Bottle Stopper
11063NA "Evening in Paris" Eiffel Tower Silver-Finish Place Card/Holder (set of 4)
11064NA "Spread the Love" Chrome Spreader with Heart-Shaped Handle
11076NA "Vineyard Select" Enamel and Chrome Bottle Stopper
11077NA "Seaside" Sand and Shell-Filled Globe Bottle Stopper
11079NA "Fleur de Lis" Pewter-Finish Bottle Opener
1108 Personalized Golf Towel
11080NA "La Tour Eiffel" Chrome Bottle Stopper
11083NA "La Tour Eiffel" Chrome Bottle Opener
11084NA "Pop the Top" Flip-Flop Bottle Opener
11088NA Simply Elegant Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper
1109R Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4)
1109W White Wine Glasses (Set of 4)
1110 Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)
11100NA "Simply Elegant" Key To My Heart Bottle Opener
11106NA "Capture the Moment" Glass Photo Holder Bottle Stopper
1111S Black Border Designer Cuff Links
1112 Etched Drinking Glasses (Set of 4)
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