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Free Shipping the Myth

Posted by Administrator on 1/30/2013 to News
Everyday we receive emails and phone calls inquiring about free shipping. Our standard answer is do you really believe free shipping is free, and the shipping isn't already built into the price. 
 I tell people find the free shipping site place the items in their cart and then come back to us. Place the same items in our cart and figure the delivered price. Low and behold our price is usually lower even with the actual shipping costs figured in. 
 People are so wrapped up in the free ship thing, some of them never even take the time to do a little figuring. Monster retailers can afford to provide it but your typical web store has to raise their prices to build in the shipping costs. If not they wont survive very long. 
 Just for fun try it and see the results I am sure you will be surprised how much you are being misled. Thanks for your time.